What’s Ailing Supply Chains?

What’s Ailing Supply Chains? The supply chain and logistics discipline started during World War II when armies needed to be supplied to multiple global theaters beginning from Northern Africa to Europe to small Pacific islands. Sophisticated planning and coordination effort at a period when there were no computers and the world wide web. The ability … Read more

Supplier Engagement

Effective Supplier Engagement Most successful companies acknowledge the importance of their suppliers in their achievement.  This could be driving innovation, running operations, improving efficiency among other things.  If this is true, then it’s essential to have supplier engagement that delivers business results. We have observed that most supplier management programs don’t get enough attention or … Read more

The Future of Sourcing – Business Partner to Business Leader

The Future of Sourcing – Business Partner to Business Leader Sourcing evolved from transaction management to category management sometime in the 1990s. This had a significant impact on the way corporate leadership viewed sourcing professionals. Sourcing moved from an organization that finalized pricing into an organization that provided experience on the dynamics of supply market … Read more