Customer Driven Disruption

Everybody has an opinion about disruption–to Clayton Christensen, it’s the innovator’s dilemma. To Tech Crunch, it’s worth a celebratory contest. To struggling companies and employees, it’s nothing but painful. To companies such as Apple and Tesla, it’s something to master with tech and R&D.

Suman Sarkar shows they have it all wrong.

In this book, Sarkar proves that disruption doesn’t have as much to do with tech or innovation as it is the shift in customer expectations, wants, and demands. Ironically, most companies double down on their main strategy and disengage from the very people who could bring them back to life: their customers.

Your customers tell you what they want. Listen to them. In this book, Sarkar shows us why, when, and how we should listen.

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What Others Say

Steve Curtin
Author of Delight Your Customers / Steve Curtin, LLC

In Customer Driven Disruption, Sarkar shows that technology isn’t the real driver of disruption, and he unveils many more surprises that will challenge your assumptions and prepare you and your organization to stay ahead.

Renee Evenson
Author of nine books

This is an excellent, thought-provoking book that offers clear strategies enabling you to understand buying patterns and generational expectations. Customer-Driven Disruption will inspire you to effectively plan for and stay ahead of your competition by focusing on your customers and what they want.

John A. Goodman

Sarkar puts forth new, actionable definitions of customer focus, personalization, and quality along with a roadmap that your team can use think creatively and be more willing to take intelligent risks.

Jeanne Bliss
President / CustomerBliss

Suman Sarkar is a strategist after my heart—like me, he believes that real change and innovation come from customers’ actual needs and wants, not from researchers in lab coats. Customers WILL tell you how to make your business thrive and win the future--if you learn how to listen. This book explains how to open your ears.

Crystal Kadakia
Founder & Principal Consultant / Invati Consulting

Suman Sarkar redirects the focus back to what made your business a business: it's customers. With many case studies and concise takeaways, this book is a handy guide to shaking up your innovation strategy.

Praveen Madan

This book disrupts disruption! It redefines what causes disruption and what you can do about it. It accomplishes this with an elegant paradigm shift that’s profound and yet simple. Suman’s conclusions are based on powerful insights from research, case studies of leading companies, and decades of business experience. You will never think of disruption in the same way again.

Milind Yedkar
General Manager, Asia Pacific & Japan, Cloud Client Computing / Dell

Suman Sarkar’s ‘Customer Driven Disruption’ is not just another book preaching customer focus to business executives. Rather than restrict himself to homilies, Suman lays down five strategies that can help bring the ‘C’ into business planning. He illustrates each strategy with a rationale backed by numbers and specific steps to bring it to life with examples from across industries. The book ends with a set of guiding questions that can be used by thoughtful executives either by themselves or in a team setting to develop an action plan for their organizations.

Bob Johansen
Distinguished Fellow / Institute for the Future

There’s no use building a bridge if your customers don’t want to go there. This book shows you new ways to prioritize your customers. How can you use engage with changing customer needs—not just push old products at new needs? How can you win by helping your customers win?

About the Author

Suman Sarkar is a partner with Three S Consulting and an international consultant who has advised more than forty Fortune 500 companies in strategy and operations. His new book, Customer-Driven Disruption (Berrett-Koehler, 2019), is a blueprint for showing how companies must adapt to ever-changing global demographics and markets. It draws on the author’s extensive experience and features case studies from companies around the world that have thrived in volatile, highly competitive marketplaces. He has published numerous articles in business journals and his first book, The Supply Chain Revolution, is an Amazon top-seller in its genre.